the history of aviation
The history of aviation
The history of aviation is studying the development of the flights from the first attempts to launch kites and the invention of the machines fitted with the engines till today. The history of aviation deals not only with the beginning of the twentieth century, when the Wright brothers flew the first powered aircraft, but also with all the attempts of people to travel by air. The earliest records of human flight were made in China in the VIth century BC, when a man tied to the paper kites made the first flight. The attempts of people to fly were described in different countries at different times. One of the first flight attempts was described in the Greek mythology - the example of Daedalus and Icarus. The first parachutes, balloons, gliders, airships and many other developments became the history of aeronautics. The most famous designers of aircraft include such scientists as Leonardo da Vinci, Jean Blanchard, John Jeffries, Otto Lilienthal, Samuel Langley, and Enrico Forlanini and many others. The development of aviation gained momentum during the First World War, the aircraft started to be used for peaceful purposes, including goods and passengers transportation.